Heat Transfer and Thermal Stress Analysis (cast copper furnace)

The CAE software employed is the open-source suite Code_Aster. The numerical model consists of the structure finite element mesh (shell elements) and the inner refractory brickwork finite element mesh (solid elements), coupled through contact algorithms.


Modal analysis

Modal analysis of a engine thermal shell. Simulation performed with code_aster. Analysis of the vibration modes of the plate. The objective was to avoid resonances between shell modeshapes and engine excitation frequencies.

Animation of the first mode.

Mesh of the plate using GMESH. Tetrahedral quadratic elements are used.


Room Ventilation / 2D Coupled Simulation: CFD + Heat Transfer


Interpolation for molding application

The aim of this project was to build from scratch a multidimensional interpolation tool. The client uses it to predict the shape of a flexible mold controlled by a series of motor/piston actuators.


Metal Stamping and Springback

Demonstration of the open-source tool Code_Aster capabilities to simulate structural problems with high non-linearities: large displacements, elasto-plasticity and contact. The simulation show the structural spring-back of the component, or elastic deformation recovery.

Plastic deformation of a steel bar deformed by a rigid mold