CFD Experiment – Team 30

The “CFD Experiment” or “HPC Experiment” is an HPC-as-a-Service experiment that has the objective of bringing together industry end users, resource providers, software providers, and HPC experts.

Simple 2D problem performed with Elmer coupling Navier-Stokes & Heat Equation solvers. Natural convection is taken into account using Boussinesq model.

“With the limits of our current workstations often unable to provide enough memory, simulations taking too long, and the number of jobs too small to get quality results, we are looking for increasing our available computing power beyond our workstations. Should we buy or rent? Buying additional compute power leads us to all kinds of challenges in the context of a high-performance compute cluster acquisition. Now, recently, the other option, renting resources, became more attractive, with the advent of Cloud Computing (

The idea of the Experiment is to explore the end-to-end process of remotely accessing HPC resources (read more in this article). Team 30 is formed by:

Industry end-user: Biscarri Consultoria SL
Software providers: Elmer, CAElinux
Resource Provider: Amazon Web Services, CloudBroker


The focus of this experiment is to demonstrate the viability of SME’s to perform large CAE simulations using Cloud Computing resources on the net.