Welcome to BC home page

Biscarri Consultoria (BC) is a consultancy and engineering network, based in Barcelona, devoted to numerical simulations and know-how transfer of CAE technologies.

We provide quality CAE services to assist product and process R&D with OpenSource tools:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer using OpenFoam
  • Structural Analysis using Code_Aster 
  • HPC & Cloud Computing Simulations
  • Multi-Physics

BC provides automated simulation environments, tailored to the needs of each project, by using programmable OpenSource tools:

  • PYTHON & PERL scripting to automate simulation processes
  • gnuplot & ParaView scripting to automate graphical postprocess 
  • doxygen to automate project documentation in HTML & LaTeX formats
BC provides consulting services to help the implementation of Code_Aster & OpenFoam, by delivering parametric numerical models specific for the client needs and giving hands on training with a real project simulation.

The collaboration with the client can be anything from the traditional turnkey project:

we do everything for you

to the pure technology transfer project:

we show you how to do it yourself

The know-how transfer provided by BCSL covers both conceptual and general issues concerning numerical methods and particular procedures to use open-source CAE software.

In all cases, you can see BCSL as a partner or a member of your team that helps to improve the CAE knowledge of your company.